You Win some, You Lose some…

Gardening fatigue has definitely kicked in. Even weeding my borders or mowing the lawn feels like climbing the Kilimanjaro… The last draw was when I came back home from a week-holiday late last month, to find that my tomato plants were literally roasted. Burned. 5 huge grow bags full of lush green tall tomato plants... Continue Reading →

Social Media Influence(R)

I spend a lot of time thinking about time, to try and find a way to make the most of it; time is after all the supremely sought-after currency out there. There are tons of useful tips on how to manage time efficiently, even though personal circumstances will in the end dictate how we implement... Continue Reading →


Me realizing that last time I published a post was 3 months ago already, reminds me of how hectic life has been, for me at least... About this time last year I published my first post, and despite some time lapses I might manage to hit an average of 1 post a month. The initial... Continue Reading →


I’ve been in a mood for new things lately. To be more exact, I’ve felt a bit braver to try new things. Some radical, some not. I figure why not? Times we’re living entice a lot of us to learn and live fully again, rediscover and love life with a renewed strength. At the minute... Continue Reading →


Well, it’s been a minute. Was it the lack of wanting to write the cause of this extended break? Certainly not. You know what it is like, when you feel that knot in the stomach every time you get a mental reminder of a task you imperiously need to do, but just don’t have the... Continue Reading →

Cheers to All…

I took a leap of faith earlier this year and mustered the courage to start this platform, to give in to a lifelong passion of mine that’s writing. By far not an easy task given my sheer incompetency at using this WordPress tool! You Reader have accompanied and supported me in these infant stages of... Continue Reading →


I like to get inspired by human interaction or topical events. Needless to say I’ve found it hard to find a subject matter to write about, something a bit featherlike. Contact with others is pretty much restricted, so my life rhythm is punctuated by a few humdrum activities. No surprise expected. Work from home.  Grocery... Continue Reading →

Love is Blind (?)

So, as you know life’s not felt right lately...straight out rubbish for some. The price our mental and physical health will pay for these surreal times cannot be assessed just yet, but the impact can already be felt by a lot of us. Lord knows when we see the back of this harrowing pandemic, but... Continue Reading →

Us And Others…

A shocking story made the british headlines a couple of weeks ago; after losing his wife  of 38 years during lockdown, a septuagenarian found himself in deep isolation, no family or friends around to console him or keep him company. The widower decided to take matters in his own hands, and started handing over his... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned

I had planned this post to be about age, as I was graced with another year about a week ago. I changed my mind though; just felt more fitting for the mood I was in to reflect on some of the most impactful lessons at this point in my life, and share them here. Accept... Continue Reading →

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