Shielding Our Inner Peace

Covid has now been relegated to the background – at least in the mainstream media – and at the forefront have come new significant issues; inflation, energy prices soaring, the Russia- Ukraine conflict taking centre stage in the news and affecting all of us one way or another, and so on and so forth…

What to do when it feels like the world around us is crumbling, and our own lives are shaken?

I hold on to the very things in my life that keep me centred, remember and tap into what gives me joy.    I tap into simple pleasures, gratitude, and action. Action as in trying my best to positively impact my environment, at my level. Being impactful can grant us a sense of control, and we desperately need it now.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. – Rumi

Unplugging from the 24-hour news also helps, allowing us to escape. We have a right to escapism. I understand why some of us opted to not own a TV-set, even though unfortunately owning a smartphone is enough to be bombarded with breaking news. Not sure our brains are wired to take in that much.

We cannot escape reality, but we sure can manage the barrage of sensationalised information by filtering or outright blocking its influx at least for a bit.

What else could we do? This will sound very much cliché, but mentoring, fostering, educating children in our lives do warrant for a better tomorrow. Doing our little bit will not only pay off in the long run for the collective, but also help us feel content in the midst of the constant chaos surrounding us.

We’ve been confronted with what feels like a collective trauma this last couple of years, and the media will not let us take a breather. We owe it to ourselves to shield our inner peace.

How are you coping?

4 thoughts on “Shielding Our Inner Peace

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  1. I come from Cameroon, a country where chaos is permanent. I am used to it…
    The current situation in Europe does not seem to me to be worse than elsewhere.
    My late father used to quote Buddha all the time: “If the problem has a solution there is no point in worrying, but if there is no solution, worrying will not change anything” .


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