Dear Fellow Consumers, we have a superpower.

I’ve never felt so compelled to use my power to choose like now. Consumerism is pulling us left, right and center, but we still have the power to choose. We can choose to resist the pre-Christmas buying spree (folly) or the so-called Christmas sales, at a time when most households are facing damning financial difficulties;... Continue Reading →


I was blessed a couple of weeks ago with another birthday; now bang in the middle of the almighty 40’s…this decade has for sure been one of profound conscious growth for me, and I’m so grateful for that. It’s interesting to re-read the post-birthday Lessons learned from two years ago; a few similarities with my... Continue Reading →


Here I am again after a couple of months off writing…not what I had planned believe me! However, rest assured I haven’t been wasting my time. It’s redundant at this point to talk about life being hectic. It just is. I’ve been particularly intentional lately about expressing who I am to the world and myself.... Continue Reading →


It's been a while! I blame it on my easter holidays in Cameroon; the preps to go there (shopping, shopping, packing, shopping…), the actual stay (the surreal soaking in), the return to reality (takes some adjustment, like waking up at 4.30am!)...just a lot to handle. But here we are again for another round... That’s what... Continue Reading →

Shielding Our Inner Peace

Covid has now been relegated to the background - at least in the mainstream media - and at the forefront have come new significant issues; inflation, energy prices soaring, the Russia- Ukraine conflict taking centre stage in the news and affecting all of us one way or another, and so on and so forth… What... Continue Reading →


I recently found myself in a situation where I had to put a stop to some interminable nonsense; totally out of the blue, in a very organic way. That’s what we call burn-out these days…I granted myself the freedom to do what is right for me. The feeling of relief afterwards is simply indescribable. Are... Continue Reading →

Another New Year,

I’m sure many of you were still mistakenly writing 2021 on your paperwork in lieu of 2022 last week, the new year being well…new. My day job doesn’t allow me to fully experience that newness buzz, because I plan for a living. Namely in current circumstances in this part of the world (BREXIT / COVID),... Continue Reading →

FAREWELL 2021 (About time…)

What a joy 2021 has been. Don’t you agree? You must be grumpier than me. It’s not been plain sailing these last 2 years has it? However, I have to admit the hardship of these last few months has somehow developed a fortitude in me I’m grateful for. I’ve been pushed under the pressure to... Continue Reading →


They say Christmas is children’s time. It’s the sense of magic. What do children really want for Christmas? A lot of the usual suspects are pure enchantment for them: the streets and shops lavishly adorned with dreamy fairy tale decorations, the most extravagant front-house Christmas lightings, the school Christmas parties, the Christmas dinner with all... Continue Reading →

Walking in the park…

Isn't this lovely?! I had the best mid-morning walk in my local park earlier this week, kind of an impromptu one as out of convenience (had dropped my car at the garage) that I thoroughly enjoyed. Just like listening to music I love, reading a gripping book or writing here, walking is a comforting blanket... Continue Reading →

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