I was blessed a couple of weeks ago with another birthday; now bang in the middle of the almighty 40’s…this decade has for sure been one of profound conscious growth for me, and I’m so grateful for that.

It’s interesting to re-read the post-birthday Lessons learned from two years ago; a few similarities with my current mindset can be highlighted, namely when I talk about the “main character” energy or perfection as a scam. I’ve doubled down on that thematic these last 12 months, focussing heavily on smashing the boundaries that so far were hiding me from myself. This post here is much more inward looking (a tad navel-gazing but hopefully inspiring to some) and can be summed up in 3 words: freedom in authenticity.

Self-acceptance (or lackthereof) colours our relationships

We’re not surrounded by aliens, at least I can’t see them; we negotiate, manoeuvre similar trials and tribulations and share the same kind of joyful moments. Heck even the royals – the great and the good – are not immune to the common human experience… So why be scared to engage with others in all honesty? Why be scared to be vulnerable? I’ve learned that the more I find my footing in life, the more I overcome social inhibition; I’m presenting myself as unadulterated, unapologetic and imperfect as possible to the world, which makes my relationships the more enriched (for the ones that survive my new dynamic that is!). I feel like whoever I interact with, whatever the circumstances, I can feel comfortable. Must be growing into my destiny. Took some time, but hey we won’t complain…

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice I make – I choose to be happy, and it makes me feel content. I’m not talking about the cheap Instagram rosy kind of happiness, but the one with all sorts of colors. Happiness is a choice, happiness is a mindset. Circumstances matter little. We set our mind to be happy. Happiness makes us free, free from depending on anything else than our choice. Leaning into what makes me tick makes me happy. Listening to my favorite music, reading, blessed to pay my bills, writing, designing T-shirts…it’s bliss. It sounds simple but it works, for me anyway…

Learning is indefinite

Learning is forever. It’s never too late to get better, never late to do better. Look at me swooning over my tomatoes after last year’s catastrophe (You Win some, You Lose some…) ! Great lesson that was. I’m not afraid to fall, I’ll make mistakes, I’ll stumble, I’ll fall but I’ll rise again, I shall overcome and overcome until I become better. I welcome lessons, even the hard ones; when manoeuvred smartly, they are potentially life-changing, for the better that is.

Daring is rewarding (IDGAF)

I couldn’t care less about what others think, it stifles my creativity and prevents me from being brave. Does it come with age? Not necessarily as you can find twentysomethings wiser way beyond their age (take the very witty ladies on To my sisters youtube channel/ podcast I vividly recommend), and thankfully so. To each their growth journey… I’ve learned to not expect praise, to be confident in what I call my talents and that’s enough. Hail freedom!

Procrastination is a destiny stealer

Now is always the right time to act.

Honestly yours,

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