Walking in the park…

I had the best mid-morning walk in my local park earlier this week, kind of an impromptu one as out of convenience (had dropped my car at the garage) that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Just like listening to music I love, reading a gripping book or writing here, walking is a comforting blanket for me. I feel home when I walk; I mentally jump in the world of endless possibilities, visualize my dreams, moving towards a destination full of bright promises. It’s a proper me-time when I can completely delve in my mind swarming with all sorts of things, ethereal or very down-to-earth: the wins, the mishaps, the may-be’s, meal plans, outing plans, grocery list, mental plan, you name it…

During the walk, I would sometimes get pulled back in the now by the extraordinary tranquil scenes nature and people gift us with, compelled to come out of my head and acknowledge the surrounding beauty and be in the present; the breathtakingly gorgeous autumn foliage of golden yellow, all orange hues, red, green and purple shades, jolly dogs cheerfully jumping aroundAutumn’s imposing beauty trumps the melancholy that the long gone summer leaves in us – even for a summer baby like me, you can’t but only be admiring of this outrageous mix of mesmerizing colors.

Whether my mind is wandering or not, walking is the best opportunity for me to regroup and breathe hope and perspective into my mindset; shake the dirt off my shoulders, cheer myself up and get ready for what’s to come.

2 thoughts on “Walking in the park…

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  1. What a mind-blowing experience !
    I discover a poetess.
    You invite us to your walk and we live it with you
    I read a kind of French romantic poetry in Britain.
    The autumnal landscape in Manchester has nothing to envy to the famous American national parks.


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