Me realizing that last time I published a post was 3 months ago already, reminds me of how hectic life has been, for me at least…

About this time last year I published my first post, and despite some time lapses I might manage to hit an average of 1 post a month. The initial plan was to write twice a month, needless to say it hasn’t been the case…Nevertheless this is something I love doing, so will stick to it. To keep the tempo up, I’ll start posting short pieces in-between like this very one.

I saw some hard-hitting quotes on my YouTube feed and had to share them here. They tell/remind us that life really is interesting, because nothing is easy about it. Absolutely nothing.

Marriage is hard, And divorce is hard

Obesity is hard, And being fit is hard

Being in debt is hard, And financial discipline is hard

Communication is hard, And not communicating is hard

And we can add plenty more dichotomies highlighting the same truth: life is hard, but very interesting. You won’t escape effort, heck even being lazy is hard as you won’t avoid the hard consequences of your inaction sooner or later.

So what’s left for us to do? Do we have any choice? Not a real one. We don’t choose between hard and easy, we do choose between contentment and discontentment.

Hard and hard. At least it sounds simple.

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  1. Ah Debo tu es de retour.Il n’est pas facile de faire certains choix pendant une vie, mais je crois finalement que nous devons écouter notre cœur et surtout choisir ce qui nous plaît pas ce qui plaît aux autres.Chacun a sa vie entre ses mains.Merci pour le message et bon choix!!!!!!


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