My First Blog Post

Mastery of language affords remarkable power.” — Frantz Fanon.

It took me a little while to choose the topic for my first post, simply because I want to start on my best foot as you would. However, no topic would be perfect enough for me to write this first post, so I’ve decided to just start and see where my thoughts take me.

“Just S T A R T” is actually the name of my latest “campaign”; I periodically devise personal mottos like this one, to help me get over obstacles in my life, or keep me pumped up for everyday challenges.

Translating my intentions into words that I can physically see boost the chances of those intentions becoming actions. Obviously it takes more than seeing those words to jump into action, but for me they are the signal to myself that I want and need change.

wHY Am I doIng ThiS?

I write everywhere, anything will do: post-its, various bloc-notes, kitchen board, phone, you name it…it is actually fitting that my first post organically ends up being about writing. Words help me at so many levels, and I’m really grateful to have this thing I can fall on for mental solace.

I’m glad I’ve started at last, and now my brain won’t stop! I read on several blogging guides that long posts are boring, as our attention span is dwindling (thank you technology), so I’d better not linger here…

I want us to have some good quality time on this platform, with the purpose of deepening our sense of self awareness, to connect better with others; I therefore warmly invite you to share your opinions, suggestions, as we’re together exploring the magic of experiencing life with ourselves and others.

10 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

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  1. Wow excellent !

    Thank you for inspiring us everyday. Your perspective is refreshing. Can’t wait for what you’ve got next for us


  2. What a very stimulating and inspiring start to a blog…. I love the way you say just start ……personal mottos wow very practical. Thank you for starting this, can’t wait for the next one!


  3. That’s a great start! Well done you, we often procrastinate as we tend to overthink things. The best way is often just to take action and get started! In that way the content also comes across more genuine


  4. JUST S T A R T ! Your Start; Your Renaissance…
    Congrats to have the courage to do!
    NOW LET´S S T A R T the next steps!
    (From one of your avid readers)🌷


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